About me 🤓

I am Sourav Barua, a lifelong learner and a bookworm programmer. I first came across programming in my sophomore years. C++ was my gateway into understanding the fundamentals and adopting to an Object-Oriented thought process. Discovering the realm of user-faced desktop and web application, and using .NET to build intuitive UX was a pivotal moment in my journey as a software developer.

This journey continued and became my lifelong-passion, fueled by my curiosity, determination, and, countless cups of coffee ☕☕. I worked in different agile teams at different organizations – developing, monitoring and maintaining SaaS Financial Technology, Fleet Tracking, Ocean Data Visualization, and SaaS printing product customization software.

The aim of my blog is to share what I learn in my journey as a software craftsman. I am good at reading the documentation and tailoring it to unique challenges.